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TheNashville Hot

It's different than your typical Nashville Hot flavor, because we're different. Nashville dipped, buttermilk fried chicken topped with shredded lettuce, our spicy pickled relish “chow-chow,” and homemade Cajun mayo, better known as bayou sauce.

It's a Flip The Bird fan favorite. We create a unique flavor combo with quality ingredients to enhance what a Nashville Hot should taste like. Layers of flavor & texture to put our spin on a classic. A sandwich that truly radiates “Good Vibes Only.”

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For all our new cluckers, “Battle of the Birds” is a contest we host during
December where our (4) locations will create a special sandwich that you can only get at that specific location. Even better, for EACH special sandwich sold, FTB will donate $1 to local charities! The store who sells the most of their special in the end wins a big trophy to display in their store for the year! (…and bragging rights of course). Wanna learn how you can win a $50 FTB gift card and winter beanie?


FTB Beverly:
“The Dirty Bird”

This is an image of a fried chicken sandwich from Flip the Bird. This fried chicken sandwich has various different toppings along with a buttered and grilled potato roll as a bun.

maple chipotle BBQ dipped fried chicken topped w/ roasted garlic aioli, sharp cheddar cheese, nitrate-free bacon, & shredduce

FTB Cummings Center:
“El Guapo”

This is an image of one of Flip the Bird's best fried chicken sandwiches. It is cooked to perfection and topped with lettuce and tomato.

taco seasoned fried chicken topped w/ hot pepper chutney, shredduce, crunchy fritos, pico de gallo, & guacamole

FTB Danvers:

This is an image of a fried chicken sandwich topped with lettuce, cheese, bacon, and tomato. Flip the Bird offers a wide variety of different kinds of fried chicken sandwiches along with having various different locations. These locations include Swampscott and Beverly MA.

fried chicken topped wITH bayou sauce, nitrate-free bacon, sliced tomato, american cheese,
& shredduce

FTB Swampscott:
“The Thai Bird”

This is a picture of the best fried chicken sandwich and is from Flip the Bird. This fried chicken sandwich can be purchased in Swampscott and Beverly MA.

sweet chili glazed fried chicken topped w/ nashville-spiced candied bacon, coleslaw,

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Quality is what drives us. It is at the core of our brand. Our menu is simple so every item has a chance in the spotlight. With every order, we strive to put out an amazing product made from scratch, in a fast-casual environment.
We are committed to providing our guests with the highest quality of everything: from our ingredients, preparation, and presentation, to our customer service.
No matter how our guests feel before they arrive at Flip The Bird, it’s our job to make sure they leave feeling better than when they came in! Wanna learn more? See how our fast-growing brand is quickly becoming a favorite local fried chicken, frappes n' fries spot in Massachusetts!
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