Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers.


Cuz we’re tryin’ to break the mold! 
Lmao no but in all seriousness, here’s the deal: here at FtB, we make all of our stuff FROM SCRATCH, TO ORDER. We’re so passionate about our product, and we care so very much about what it tastes like when you get that sizzlin’ hot sandwich in your hands! Our fear is that if we do call-ahead’s, it’s going to do two things; make longer lines and longer wait times for the people who are coming in to the restaurant to place their order, and allow food that’s been ordered over the phone to SIT there, getting cold :/ So to keep our product at peak performance, just swing by and order what you’d like to get and we SOLEMNLY SWEAR to keep our ticket-times at a very quick clip! 

Is Dine-In Available?

For the safety of our staff and customers, we currently do not have dine-in available at our Beverly Plaza or Swampscott locations. The only location dine-in is available is our Cummings Center location. We will let you know once this changes on Instagram and Facebook.

Can I use my gift cards online?

Yes! Gift cards can be used to pay for an online order. They can be purchased in stores at any of our three locations or online on our website (e-gift cards only).

If you have our old gift card (pictured below),  follow the information here on how to use your gift card for online orders.


Cuz we put out a damn good product, that believe it or not is totally worth waiting for! 😉 We have one register because our kitchen is kinda tiny and we can only create so many chicken sandwiches at once! But don’t get discouraged, cuz we move FAST - just be patient and know that we’re givin’ it our all every day!


A southern-style pickled relish, consisting of minced carrots, cabbage, and red & yellow peppers! Served as a condiment or a relish on sandwiches, and in particular on OUR Nashville Hot sandwich. It gives it a nice zing of vinegar flavor and a little more heat, it’s DELISH! 


When we talked about opening up this fried chicken shack, one thing we agreed upon was that the menu had to be T.I.G.H.T. If we have too much goin’ on back in our tiny kitchen, there’s a chance the quality will suffer. We’re not about that life- we’d rather offer a small selection executed perfectly for our AMAZING customers 😀 

Do you offer any gluten free options?

Yes! Here’s what we’ve got:

Fries (although they are fried in the same oil as our chicken, so depending on your sensitivity, fries may not be an option for you)
Watermelon Cuke Salad
All of our Coleslaws
And Soda
And we offer GRILLED chicken*
*HOWEVER: we hand bread all of our chicken to order, which creates gluten in the AIR, so if you are celiac we highly recommend practice caution at our establishment.

And as always, ‘please inform your server of any allergies in your party before placing your order so that we can best accommodate you!

Where can I see allergy information?

You can see our allergen information here.

Do you cook with Peanut Oil?

No we do not use peanut oil in our fryers. We use 100% canola oil and we do not cook or prep food with any nuts.

Are you a nut-free facility?

We do not carry any products containing nuts or prep food with any products containing nuts. The only exception being our nut-free varieties of Richardson's Icecream that are made in a facility that processes nuts.

When I walk-in and place an order how do you let me know my order is ready?

We'll text you when your order is ready to be picked up. We hate spam as much as you do and will solely use the number to let you know your order status.

Can I make a specialty order?

Yes, you can learn more on our catering page.