On April 1, 2019, Torie and Anthony launched the very first Flip The Bird location in Beverly, MA. Unlike how jokes usually go on April Fools Day, it quickly became clear that Flip The Bird was no joke! The overwhelming response we received from our tiny chicken shack inspired us to open up more shacks and evolve our brand to be one people will recognize, trust, and want to be a part of!

Flip The Bird is more than just a chicken and rib joint. Quality is what drives us; it is at the core of our brand. When opening Flip The Bird, we wanted to keep our menu simple so that every item had a chance in the spotlight. With every order we receive, we strive to put out an amazing product that is made from scratch, to order, in a fast casual environment. Our brand is a promise to our customers, our team, and our community, and we aspire to never break it! We are committed to providing our guests with everything of the highest quality, from our ingredients, preparation, and presentation, to our customer service. No matter how our guests feel before they arrive at FTB, it’s our job to make sure they leave feeling better than when they came in!

Our motto here is “good vibes only”- we’re all about spreading the good vibes with our awesome food and amazing staff, so that’s why we’re “flipping the bird” to those who don’t value quality like we do here. Our mission is to give every Flip The Bird customer that southern style hospitality they’ve been missin’. So next time you’re in the neighborhood, make sure to check us out - we promise you a cluckin’ good time at the coop!

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