Flip The Bird: A Certified “Must-Try” by USAToday’s 10Best!


You Cluckers are really something else. We couldn’t be more thankful for you guys, and to USAToday for this amazing honor. Flip The Bird was picked in July among 20 other “fast food” restaurants to win the title of “Best Regional Fast Food” for 2023. From those 20 joints all over the U.S., we not only made the top 10, OR the top 3, we came in SECOND PLACE!

After being nominated by the group at 10Best with USAToday as a “Restaurant Worth Traveling For,” readers got to vote for their favs, and our Cluckers voted for us like it was their jobs. Thank you a MILLION flippin’ times for helping us reach the top with your votes, and spreading those good vibes we all know and love. 

From starting out as a small fried chicken shack in Beverly to now having 5 restaurant locations a few years later in MA, we are ecstatic to keep growing our brand. We couldn’t have been where we are today without your support. Being up against national brands and scooting our way up to the top shows how loyal our fans are, and how much they wanna see us win, so thank YOU for putting in the work. Here’s to growing more chicken shacks!

Click here to check out the article and the other winners!

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