Flip The Bird’s Commitment to Sustainability


Earth Day is on April 22nd, and to honor that, we are dedicating the entire month of April to showing our commitment to decreasing our carbon footprint.

We have teamed up with Essex County Greenbelt, a local nonprofit that conserves land in Essex County forever, protecting healthy ecosystems, clean water, local farms, climate resilience, and beautiful places to enjoy nature, free of charge. You can explore their properties with their new GreenbeltGo trails app as well! To learn more about their mission, click here to visit their website.

Throughout the month of April, Flip The Bird will be utilizing Toast’s “Round Up & Give” campaign to donate to Essex County Greenbelt. This means that anyone who places an order online at any of our five restaurant establishments across the North Shore has the option to “round up” their change to go towards this wonderful organization that is helping to make our world a better place! Along with this campaign, we will be posting sustainable highlights all month long on our social media about how we at Flip The Bird are doing our part. From our packaging, to our straws, to the processes we use in composting, be sure to give us a follow to stay in the know and stay updated on all the latest at FTB! What’s better than fried chicken sandwiches served in eco-friendly packaging AND donating to a local nonprofit protecting our healthy ecosystems?!

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