If you’re in the North Shore, you may have heard of Phantom Gourmet that plays Saturdays and Sundays on channel My38. Well your favorite locally-owned chicken shack, Flip The Bird of course, was recently featured on it for a second time with all the juicy details highlighting all of our locations and menu items that we have to offer. 

Phantom Gourmet highlights the North Shore’s best restaurants and dives that are a must see for anyone living in or visiting the area. In their most recent special that featured Flip The Bird, which aired on July 30, 2022, they named Flip The Bird “Dish Worth Driving To.” In particular, they named us this due to our very own fan favorite fried chicken sandwich, “The Angry Bird.” It’s got that perfect level of heat and loads of flavor that cluckers crave. Some may say it’s too spicy, some may say it’s not enough, some may say it hits them right where it needs to. 

If you’re a Flip The Bird native, you know how much we like our levels of heat. From starting off small with the Nashville Hot to give a kick and a zing, then the Angry Bird which packs a powerful punch, and finally, the Cry Bird, which many cluckers have described as lighting a flame beneath them. Whichever fried chicken sandwich you’re craving, you will be happy to know it is also Phantom Gourmet approved.

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