Satisfy that Sweet Tooth: Summer Drinks are Here!


In extension to our Tastes of Summer limited time menu, featuring “The Southern Belle” fried chicken sandwich, “Sweet Sesame Salad,” and the “Thai Cucumber Salad,” allow us to introduce you to the Tastes of Summer drinks!

Peach Tea: made using our homemade southern-inspired sweet tea and peach syrup

(Since The Hatchery has unsweetened green tea instead of sweet tea, their Peach Tea will be made with unsweetened green tea)

Peachy Keen Frappe: a yummy blend of Richardson’s Vanilla ice cream and peach syrup

Campfire S’mores Frappe: delicious Richardson’s own Campfire S’mores ice cream with chocolate sauce

Sweet tooth craving? Satisfied. No better time than the summertime to enjoy all things peaches, s’mores, and fresh new salads, so come by to one of the Flip The Bird coops to give ‘em a try. They’ll be around until September 3rd!

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